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Day: 40 To the End of the Earth

Your witness starts in “Jerusalem” - in your city, neighborhood, and family - but it doesn’t stop there! Jesus goes on to say that His followers will also be witnesses “in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”...

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Day 39: The Home Front

Jesus’ mission was to do the will of the Father. What was the Father’s will? To spread His message of good news, that those who believe in Him will be saved. Jesus’ life and death were dedicated to showing those around Him what God was like and what God wanted from them....

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Day 38: Do as I Say and as I Do

Have you ever heard the saying, “Do as I say, not as I do”? It points out that most people don’t live up to their ideals. It’s easier to know what’s right and tell it to others than it is to actually do the right thing so that others can learn by example....

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Day 37: A Baby Church

Giving the disciples the Holy Spirit was part of Jesus’ mission to create His church, the group of people who would continue to carry out His gospel-mission for the rest of time and throughout the whole world....

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Day 36: A Promise for Now, a Promise for Eternity

After Jesus’ resurrection, the mission He had to carry out on earth was almost over, but He had to make sure His disciples will be ready to carry on His mission in the future....

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Day 35: Our Spiritual Resurrection

Jesus’ resurrection shows us what the resurrection of our physical bodies will be like. It also shows us what our spiritual resurrection is like. ...

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Day 34: Our Physical Resurrection

Jesus told the disciples that He would send them like the Father sent Him. Does this mean that the Jesus’ followers will die and be resurrected, too? Yes! But not in exactly the same way Jesus did. ...

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Day 33: Evidence of Things Not Seen

Jesus’ disciple Thomas is famous for being the one who said he would believe Jesus’ resurrection when he saw it with his own eyes. But Thomas wasn’t really unique in that respect. ...

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Day 32: Resurrection: Proof of Power

Remember the miracle of the paralyzed man who was lowered through the roof? The religious leaders thought Jesus’ claim to forgive sins was blasphemy, so He also healed the man....

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Day 31: Where Did He Go?

When you’re looking for something you have misplaced, have you ever said, “Well, it couldn't have walked off by itself”? You expect objects to be where you last left them. ...

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Day 30: A living sacrifice

Jesus willingly gave up His life so that our relationship with God could be restored, We are also called to sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice is the only one that can save us, and no further sacrifice is required for salvation. ...

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Day 29: Jesus’ sacrifice changed everything

Jesus’ sacrifice changed everything about how people can relate to God. We remember that His death atones for our sin and that His resurrection shows that we can be resurrected, too. ...

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Day 28: The thief on the cross!

You could say that the first two Christians--the first two people who really understood Jesus’ sacrifice--weren’t His disciples or followers. Jesus had told the twelve disciples that He was going to die, and yet they were confused and scared when Jesus died. None of them stayed with Jesus....

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Day 27: What did Jesus give?

Jesus was the King of the Jews, and the most crucial part of His sacrifice was His death. Giving up His life paid the penalty for the sins of the whole world. But Jesus made many other sacrifices, too....

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Day 26: What is a sacrifice?

The Jews were looking for their messiah. They thought He would be a king or a general or a political leader who would free them from the Roman Empire. So even though many of them saw or knew about Jesus’ preaching and miracles, few thought He was the Messiah....

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