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God’s Grace Adopts…Literally!

Jayson and Carmen Palaus became foster parents in September 2013. “A huge need for foster families exists,” they said. “Our mindset was: attempt to fill that need. If a child was placed that needed permanency we would consider it.” ...

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Nothing but God

Here we are at the last verse of I John. It seems like a a good place for a final summary or a statement of good wishes to John’s reader, and yet, he gives one more warning. It even seems to open a new topic. This is the first time John has mentioned idols. ...

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That You May Know

The Gospel of John was written for non-Christians and new Christians. Yet the letters and the Gospel have much the same purpose. John 20:31 says, “these [stories about Jesus] are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” Here in I John, he writes that he has written to give us confide...

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Sin: Will You or Won't You?

Some people are known for a trait or characteristic that is so consistent it's impossible to imagine him or her without it. You might have a friend you think of as “the funny one,” but do you think he's never been sad in his life? Do you think the person you think of as “the honest one” has never, ever lied?...

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Praying for others

Here's another passage Bible experts argue about. What is a “sin that leads to death”? It could be sin that leads to physical death; in other words, there's no point in praying for those who have already faced God's judgment. It could be a sin for which the sinner won't or can't repent; elsewhere, the New Testament says it's impossible to be forgiven for “blaspheming...

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Effective Prayer

If a co-worker or classmate volunteered to do part of a group project you hate, would you say no? If your kid begged to have broccoli for dessert, would you insist on candy? Of course not! When someone wants to do something that fits your plans and desires, you say yes. God is the same way. When we ask for something He already wants for us, He gives it to us....

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