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Receive the good news

Christianity offers the hope of good news: a savior has been born, named Christ the Lord. We have a real need and a real savior who ALONE can really save....

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Reject the alternatives

Besides Christianity, there are four predominant worldviews that compete for allegiance:...

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Three big hints

Jesus is the Savior. All religions and worldviews outside of Christianity have one thing in common: God is not the savior. Either you are your own savior, or there’s no savior at all. ...

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Listen again for the first time

Luke 2:8–21 is perhaps the most familiar passage in all Scriptures. Linus reads it every Christmas for the Charlie Brown television special. Almost every church has a nativity scene stashed somewhere. ...

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The glorious announcement for an unlikely audience

Have you ever wondered what people thought of shepherds in Jesus’ day? People thought shepherds were odd. They lived by themselves, outside of town, sleeping in the open, and surrounded by animals all the time. Their reputation was less than stellar...

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Jesus is like us and unlike us

Jesus’ birth is historical: Christianity is based on fact. It is theological: God entered humanity in order to save us. Finally, it is biographical: What does Jesus’ birth mean for you and me? What does this possibly have to do with our life?...

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The theological meaning of Jesus’ birth, part 2

Today, we conclude answering some of the most common questions regarding God entering history as the man Jesus Christ. The truth is Jesus was fully man and fully God. He lived life perfectly as a man, to serve as our example and a flawless substitute sacrifice in our place. ...

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The theological meaning of Jesus’ birth, part 1

In order to describe the theological significance of Jesus’ birth, theologians like to use the word incarnation. It comes from the Latin meaning “in the flesh.” Incarnation refers to the Christian doctrine that God, who is spirit, took upon Himself human flesh and came as the God-man, the Lord Jesus Christ....

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The historical facts of Jesus’ birth

Luke introduces us to Augustus Caesar, who was ruling at the time that Jesus was born. Augustus Caesar was a very important political leader who ruled over the Roman Empire, one of the most prominent, longstanding, far-reaching empires in the history of the world. He was the adoptive son of Julius Caesar. ...

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The birth of Jesus Christ

Every Christmas, cards start arriving in the mailbox and songs echo at the mall with the word “Immanuel.” But what does that mean?...

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