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Day 30: A living sacrifice

Jesus willingly gave up His life so that our relationship with God could be restored, We are also called to sacrifice. Jesus’ sacrifice is the only one that can save us, and no further sacrifice is required for salvation. ...

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Day 29: Jesus’ sacrifice changed everything

Jesus’ sacrifice changed everything about how people can relate to God. We remember that His death atones for our sin and that His resurrection shows that we can be resurrected, too. ...

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Day 28: The thief on the cross!

You could say that the first two Christians--the first two people who really understood Jesus’ sacrifice--weren’t His disciples or followers. Jesus had told the twelve disciples that He was going to die, and yet they were confused and scared when Jesus died. None of them stayed with Jesus....

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Day 27: What did Jesus give?

Jesus was the King of the Jews, and the most crucial part of His sacrifice was His death. Giving up His life paid the penalty for the sins of the whole world. But Jesus made many other sacrifices, too....

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Day 26: What is a sacrifice?

The Jews were looking for their messiah. They thought He would be a king or a general or a political leader who would free them from the Roman Empire. So even though many of them saw or knew about Jesus’ preaching and miracles, few thought He was the Messiah....

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