Blossoming After Baptism

C07A2153-2This story is an encouragement to all! Ryan and Taryn McFoy share their story in an interview about their faith journey to be baptized and their spiritual growth as a family at North Valley.  

Ryan says… “We started attending North Valley three years ago. At first, it wasn’t easy for us to get to church as a couple. Over time it’s become a regular part of our weekly routine and we’re even praying reading the Bible throughout the week as well.” 

When asked about their baptism as a couple, Ryan said… “God was directing us to do it. God had been giving us direction in changing our lifestyle, making a full commitment to Him, and searching for guidance in our marriage and family!  We could not do it by ourselves.”  God was at work in this couples life and their next step was to be baptized. This young married couple were bold stepping forward to strengthen their marriage and family by taking a public declaration of declaring Christ as the Lord of their lives through baptism!

When Ryan was asked what he would say to others that are afraid to be baptized, He said… “Just do it. I was not hesitant. Know that you are ready. It is a great time to dedicate yourselves completely to God. Feel passionate about it and know it is between you and God. I did not even notice the people in their seats. I was renewed, refreshed. Do not be nervous. Honestly, the only thing I was worried about was my dreadlocks!” 

Baptism was been one next step in their spiritual growth. The Neighborhood Group has been another. When asked about their group they replied. “The leaders are warm and welcoming. Our friends in the Neighborhood Group are very supportive too. Each week we review the scriptures and message outline during Neighborhood Group and that helps us apply what we’ve learned, it feels like the teaching is always right on point and relates to our lives.” 

When asked how Jesus was impacting their lives Ryan responded: “I never understood until now, how God accepts us as we are, his grace is working. For example, I know God is working in me personally and changing me too! He has taken many old desires away. I know God has given me a new path. Taryn prays and studies the Bible and we are working to pray together more often.” 

Ryan and Taryn are growing together in God’s word and with God’s people. Not only is faith helping their marriage but their parenting too! Now as parents they are both taking what they are learning in God’s word and church and instilling it into their children!  

They have a two-year-old son, Tyson and a one-month-old little girl, Marley! You can be sure to see them most Sunday’s either in North Valley Kids or the little one cradled in the arms of Mom or Dad!  We praise God for the work He is doing in the lives of families within our church. 

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