Concert of Creativity

The Arizona flowers are in bloom. The quail calls. The Saguaro stands with arms stretched to the warming sun and spring sky. Springtime in the Arizona desert is like a concert of God's creativity. There is life blooming everywhere! Activity begins to increase: various creatures move about, people hike, bikers ride, and kids explore! God made an amazing playground for us! The psalmist in chapter 148 writes a song of praise to God for His wonderful creation. The psalmist helps us learn how to experience joy with the things that are common to all. The outdoors is a free gift God gives to all mankind as a means of His common grace. His character and nature are revealed in His loving and creative approach to give us joy in His creation. Go outside, pray, talk, and listen to God. Enjoy Him, His creation, and give Him praise! As you do, you will be more focused to share the joy of knowing your Creator and enjoying His creation with others! Today as you drive to work or home and you look out the window, talk to the Lord and say, "Thanks God for this amazing day. This is the day you have made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Amen.”