Damond's Story

Damond’s Aunt Michelle invited him to the Easter Service at North Valley. Christianity was not his faith. He grew up Buddhist but was searching for more. After attending, he liked what he saw and heard but didn't think Jesus or the church was for him. One night he had a dream that his Dad said to him, “Damond, you need to know God. Go back to church!” 

Damonds BaptismDamond knew something was missing. He was not regularly attending North Valley at the time, but later decided he needed to come back and check it out. 

Soon he found himself coming more and more regularly. He slowly started being interested in learning more about the life of Christ and the Christian message. It’s was all so new to him.

Slowly he started seeing Christianity in a brand new light. He moved from not wanting to go to church or learning anything about Jesus to wanting to be at church and learning more and more about Jesus all the time! Something was changing inside of him and he wasn’t sure what to do with that. 

God was at work. Little did Damond know, people were praying! Praying for his salvation, God’s purpose and plan to be accomplished in and through his life! North Valley became the perfect place for him to explore Christianity! He felt comfortable to ask questions, learn from the message and from others! 

One day Damond reached out to share with Pastor Ryan about some of his questions about Buddhism and Christianity. Soon after that conversation, Pastor Ryan had the privilege to lead Damond in a prayer to receive Christ and baptism this past September!

Today, Damond is seeking to grow as a new Christian in his faith with a community of believers within a Neighborhood Group and is ready to share his faith journey this coming Sunday! 

Come Sunday to hear more how Damond experienced God’s saving grace! You do not want to miss this Sunday’s service. Invite a friend that is disconnected from God or the church.