Don’t Underestimate the Devil’s Power

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Day 4 Don’t Underestimate the Devil’s Power


When I first moved out to the desert, I underestimated my ability to navigate the backcountry. One day my younger brother and I grabbed a water bottle and headed out to get the lay of the land. As outdoorsman who grew up hunting and fishing in Arkansas, and having both worked as Colorado mountain guides, we thought we were good!


As our adventure began, it seemed as the day went on things got worse. We found ourselves battling the heat, then a swarm of bees attacked us, and in trying to escape, we nearly stepped on a rattlesnake that struck at us! Then we discovered the jumping cholla cactus! And to finish it off, we were nearly stung by a scorpion. 


By the end of the day, we were beaten, battled, and bruised by the elements and nature. The sun had stolen our strength, and we were dehydrated and physically defeated. We must have looked like two fools…running around the desert trying to avoid near death! What went wrong? We were experts in the backcountry! But not in this new environment.  What we needed was to study the desert, or go with someone who had experience in the backcountry.


As Christians, we have to remember that, unless we learn the lay of the spiritual warfare land, we won’t survive. We need to evaluate the spiritual environment if we hope to survive.


The spiritual life is supernatural; it’s difficult to navigate unless you study God’s word, and spend time with other believers that have faced the battles you are facing. They can help navigate you through stretches of seasons you’ve never known before. Too many Christians underestimate how much the Christian life is a battleground.


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