God's Grace Invites Two Guys to Start a Student Ministry

Come this Sunday to hear a new story about how experiencing God's Grace led two guys to step out in faith and start a student’s ministry at North Valley!

In this Sunday’s service, you will get the chance to hear more about the importance of inviting others to know Jesus, and be part of his church family.

Pastor Ryan, is calling this one of the most important messages of this year, because of the great opportunity and great need to reach the next generation for Christ in the North Valley of Phoenix! He says…

"If we don't focus on reaching a younger generation more than we have in the past, we won't have a future! These youths are the future of the church and our community at large. The whole church must come together if we are going to build a strong students ministry. In fact, I’m the result of a strong student’s ministry that reached out and invited me in… finally, one day, the gospel of grace clicked, I came to faith in Christ, grew in my faith, and years later I find myself here in Phoenix because of being invited by a youth leader to church! It was the church that taught me about Jesus and the grace he offers! “- Ryan Rice

Come Sunday, to hear more about North Valley’s Student Ministry, and the importance for every Christian to invite others to be part of the local church family at North Valley.