How the next generation is being impacted at North Valley


Jesus is evidently working in and through our church, and we are blessed to see the next generation being impacted. These young men and women have something special to offer, and we love being a part of their journies and watching them rise above and become counter-culture. Today, we want to introduce you to one of these next-generation world changers, Faith MacGregor.  

Faith attends North Valley with her family, and she states, "I’ve grown tremendously in my faith and my character ever since attending North Valley Church. Everyone is so welcoming and kind-hearted that it really makes it hard not to grow. Pastor Ryan and many others have built this church with a true love and passion for God. It is no question why we want to pour into God and praise Him. North Valley is a truly special place and a huge blessing. One of the biggest reasons it is the way that it is because of the community. Community is such a huge aspect of church life, and North Valley has created such a wonderful environment with delightful people attending and helping.

Faith also serves at North Valley. Regarding that she says, "Serving is a beautiful thing to me. I love being able to take the things I’ve learned about the Lord and pour that word onto others younger than myself. It’s also really enlightening to see all the different families come and go and where they come from. It’s a true honor to be able to help and serve my community, even if it’s just a little task."

Faith closes with this sentiment: "Honestly speaking, North Valley has been the only church where I’ve felt this is my true home. Everywhere else didn't seem to have the kind of love we have, the kind of connection or relations. If I hadn’t had this church, I would have never been as close to God as I am or would have never had this lifelong family in Christ. I love North Valley with all of my heart, and I can’t wait for more people to experience it."

It is so incredible and inspiring to hear Faith's heart for the Lord. What an honor to be even a small part of her story!