How Leslie went from a “Self-Image” to a “God Image.”

LeaBremickerPhotography-6On September 10, 2017, North Valley Community Church will have an opportunity to hear a life changing testimony from Leslie Rice.

I will give you a peek at Leslie’s dynamic, heart-wrenching, remarkable story. Leslie describes some of her feelings before Christ as ‘guilt, shame, loneliness.’ At one point, she had all the world could offer yet still felt empty and powerless.

God is truly amazing in meeting us right where we are at our lowest point and inviting us into a personal relationship with Him through His Son Jesus Christ. Leslie’s magnificent story of overcoming many of life’s emotional hardships will not leave you empty!

You will not want to miss this Grand Opening Sunday! So many faith-inspiring events from honoring our community’s First Responders; many people professing their relationship with Christ through baptism; and Pastor Ryan’s riveting message on how ultimately the power of the cross can move us from the ruins of our lives to the shining light of hope through faith.

I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this great day and of listening to Leslie as she describes how God met her at her Ground Zero and changed her life forever.