When Andy learned the staff and Elders nominated him to be an Elder, they asked what he most looked forward to as a part of the team, He answered, “Simply put, serving my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by serving the church.”

With Michelle, his wife of 18 years, they have three children.  They have been a part of NVCC since the time the church met at Barry Goldwater HS.  Their daughter 13 y.o. Aliyah met Riley Rice at school in 1st grade. The year before, Michelle and Leslie Rice attended the same prayer meeting where they prayed their children would meet Christian friends.IMG_2440.PNG

“I accepted Jesus as my Savior into my heart at age 13.  A few years later, I wandered off the Christian path for many years. I accepted Jesus as my Lord around 22 or 23 years of age and began to turn my life around,” is how Andy described his conversion experience.

Andy continues, “We were invited by Ryan and Leslie to attend Class 101 and pray about making North Valley our church home. Before NV, my Christian life seemed like a roller coaster. It had highs, where I was on fire for the Lord, but then there were just as many lows where I wasn’t walking as I should be. Now, I feel like I have seasons in my Christian walk; I remain in touch and in-synch with the Lord.”

When asked, What do you love about the church? Andy stated, “Dinner with friends. Seems simple and minor but means so much. The pastors and many others are friends and have had a great impact on our lives. NV is a church that is committed to teaching about Christ and changing lives, beyond spreading the gospel, there is a strong sense of community.