Navajo Brothers and Sisters in Need

IMG_3097.JPGDuring this difficult COVID-19 Season, one specific area within our state and country that has particularly been hit hard is the Navajo Nation. There has been a high number of infections in the area, as well as shortages in food and supply. Thanks to the initial efforts of Steve Sutton and his wife Priscilla, we have been able to get connected with a local church within the Navajo Community. Steve is one of our elders and Priscilla herself has very deep and long-lasting personal ties to the Navajos. The local church that they have connected us with is Navajo Mountain Alliance Church and 2 of their faithful members, Pastor Leroy & Sue Nez (pictured).

In recent weeks, we have been in communication with Pastor Leroy and he has shared with us about the struggles that their church family has been facing. On top of some members contracting the virus and the shortage in food and supply, 2 of their members have sadly passed away due to the virus. Please be in prayer for this church family and for the Navajo Nation!

Thanks to the generous donations of many within the North Valley Family, we were able to recently deliver a truck full of food & supplies to Pastor Leroy so that he could then deliver them to many families in need within their church. We thank you for helping to show the love of Jesus to our Navajo Brothers & Sisters in Christ during this difficult time.

In the coming days, North Valley will be continuing to help meet needs within Navajo Mountain Alliance Church. One great way that you can take part in this is by generously donating non-perishable food items during our Drive-Thru Food Drive. Starting on Sunday June 7th, this food drive will indefinitely be held on our campus from 1:00-3:00pm each Sunday.

Let's continue to show the love of Christ during this difficult time, and again, please be in prayer for the Navajo Community and for Navajo Mountain Alliance Church.