Our birth: the glory of God

Read: Psalm 8:5-6

So God created man in his own image,
in the image of God he created him;
male and female he created them. Genesis 1:27

When you think someone you like and respect, do their faults and weaknesses come to mind first? You probably could name some of their less-than-perfect qualities, but when you think of loved ones, you probably remember their good points first. The humble birth and sinful nature we all share are only part of the story. Sin is not the only inheritance we receive from our parents. We also all have dignity, value, and talent.
Genesis tells us that mankind is a unique part of God’s creation. Everything God made, from the sun in the sky to the fish in the sea, God called good. But when He created man, He did not just tell a person to exist, as He did with His other creations. He Himself formed man out of dirt and breathed into him His own breath.
Even more importantly, God set man apart from other living things by making Adam and Eve in His own image. People are like God in a special way. This special honor marks every person as worthy of dignity and respect and shows us that we have the potential for goodness and relationship with God, despite the separation from God that has come about due to sin.
Jesus was born sinless and with a perfect relationship with God. He told Nicodemus that others could have a relationship with God, too, but only if they were born again.

Questions for reflection and discussion

● Where do you see God’s good gifts in the world around you?
● Do you treat all people with respect and honor?

Dear God, Thank You for making me a special, honored part of Your world. Help me treat others as worthy of the same respect. In Jesus’ name, amen.