Permission to Dream

Jesus did more than dream. He was a visionary prophet. He described His Kingdom, by using vibrant agricultural illustrations. He spoke simple language but with profound meaning for the people of his day! His message of Kingdom should excite us and challenge us to see God for who he is and what he wants to do, through you and I!

Jesus said that His Kingdom, would in essence start small and go big! This word picture Jesus painted would have shocked his listeners.

Jesus spoke of a mustard seed to describe the Kingdom, which was the smallest seed in Palestine. Yet, the mustard seed “tree” would grow to a height of 8-12 feet. It was the biggest tree around!

Just as Israel wasn’t prepared to hear this kind of message, often times when we share a big vision as I did yesterday, people aren’t ready to embrace it. Why? Because it’s hard to calculate the difference between “What is” and “What could be.” In short it’s hard to envision what is not yet seen. But, as Christians must live by faith, not sight!

When I think of the greatness of the Great Commission given by Jesus, I am left saying why not? Why wouldn’t God want His church to reach 1 million people for Jesus in our lifetime? Why not try to start 100 churches in the next 50 years! Why not?

Why wouldn’t God want to use our church to reach thousands of men and women for Jesus Christ in the North Valley? Why not?

Why wouldn’t God want to use our church to send missionaries all throughout the world? Why not?

I believe, as William Cary said, we must “Expect Great things from God and attempt great things for God.”

For you, I really believe that God wants to fuel your vision and dreams if, it’s a God honoring one! One that would glorify His name!

Don’t be afraid to dream and share a vision, with a friend or family member! Envision your ministry area, your work, your marriage, your family, dream! Share what you hope to see in the future! Plan for it and walk by faith! What God could do? What could he do with your life? Anything! Anything He wants!

God is thrilled when you dream big dreams that honor and glorify His name! Why? Because He is a big God and His Kingdom is unending! North Valley you have permission to dream, dream with us, let us not live in fear but faith! Let us live a life of dreaming big dreams with God!