Special Needs for North Valley from Pastor Ryan

North Valley Community Church is preparing to move to the campus. Lord willing, we will be on the campus by Easter Sunday 2017. We need your help to prepare and get ready for the move. Please see our list of immediate needs and donation needs for the church.

Immediate Campus Volunteer Needs:bigstock-Donations-Charity-Volunteer-Wo-150634343

1) Clean the church office weekly
2) Pick up trash weekly
3) Campus patrol weekly
4) Maintain shrub beds weekly
5) Painters/finishers
6) Heavy equipment driver (CDL required)
7) Carpenters for custom wood projects
8) Skilled construction workers
9) Electricians
10) Someone to sell things on craigslist
11) Organize a church yard sale
12) Weekly weed eater operator

Immediate Church Volunteer Needs:

13) North Valley Kids volunteers
14) Mentors for teens in foster care system
15) Lay-counselors for members/attenders in the church
16) Volunteer legal advice and service to pastoral team for projects
17) Editors for devotionals/blogs
18) Writers/Journalists for North Valley
19) Videographer for videos in Sunday services and special events
20) Neighborhood group leaders
21) Social Media contributors
22) Graphic designers
23) Photographers for special events and services
24) Administrative assistant for pastoral team
25) Volunteer recruiter for north valley

Donation needs: 

26) Power drills
27) Tools/tool box
28) Two video cameras
29) Two microwaves
30) Two commercial grade playgrounds for kids
31) Fencing materials
32) One year subscription to cleaning service
33) One year subscription to landscape maintenance service
34) Two bouncy houses for kids
35) Five whiteboards
36) Five Two flat screen tvs for kids' classrooms
37) Three iPads for kids' check-in   

Want to sign up to serve?  Click here to register. Or email us today! 

Have items to donate? Send us an email and let us know.