The Ordinary Become Extraordinary

“I’m not an eloquent speaker. I even stutter.”
“I’m not confident. I don’t know what to say.”
“I’m not a person of high or upper class.”
“Why would anyone listen to me?”

Do you identify with any of these statements? If you do, you are in great company! Some of the “greats” in the Bible felt the same way: Moses, Paul, the disciples of Jesus, and others. Sometimes we focus so strongly on our own limitations that we forget that with God there are no limitations! In 1 Corinthians 1:26-27, Paul reminds us that God chooses ordinary people to do extraordinary things so that it is clear God does the work because we cannot.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, a day which commemorates the life of St. Patrick, who was one of those “weak” and “foolish” people used by God. Today he is famous for bringing the gospel message to the pagan land of Ireland. But he began his life humbly. St. Patrick was actually of Scottish descent, and as a young man he was kidnapped and enslaved in Ireland. Yet being a slave boy was not a limitation for God! God used the slave boy to bear the message of hope and redemption to a whole country. You are valued by God, and He wants to use you as His messenger, no special skills required! Will you take a moment today to thank God for creating you and loving you and desiring to use you? Then ask God to use you to share and show the love of Jesus to someone who needs Him.