The Weather is a Witness

People move to Phoenix or away from Phoenix because of the weather. Actually, the weather is one of the leading factors propelling Phoenix to becoming the 5th largest city in the United States. People love the blue skies and sunny days! God's Word tells us that the skies proclaim His work. In other words, our weather is a witness to God himself! This is called general revelation. There is much that can be known about God simply by looking at creation around us. The book of Psalms is filled with creation songs of praise that testify to this reality. The Apostle Paul also wrote in Romans that we could know something about God simply by witnessing creation - the world around us. Take a minute to look up at the skies or watch the rising and setting of the sun. Be thankful for God’s handiwork revealed in creation. We are also thankful for His greatest and most special revelation, the work of his Son, Jesus Christ, revealed to us in the Bible! This is known as special revelation. God has made himself known to you and me, through the Bible and through something as everyday as the weather. Everything is from God and for God. To Christ be the glory and might we enjoy this weather and give credit to our Creator, the CEO of the universe. Amen!