Young Man Sold Out for God!

Kevin PotterAfter being involved with North Valley Community Church, Kevin Potter says, “I have learned more about what it means to be a Christian in the past year than I have in my entire life.” He says these words with a true sense of intellect and heart. When Kevin was growing up in a religious household he went to church because “that was what was asked of me, I wanted to get out of the service as soon as possible!” Ultimately, he stopped going to church altogether.

While attending college, he met people who renounced God and others who embraced God’s love without question. “I always felt like I was stuck in the middle between them. As long as I can remember I believed there was something, or someone making this world go around, I just couldn’t find a way to connect it.”

He met and became good friends with some people that seemed to know and show God’s love. They shared about their relationship with Jesus, God’s only Son, and how they have a personal relationship with them. His new family of Christian friends grew. Kevin witnessed them pray for guidance when life was unclear; they thanked God for new challenges and opportunities, and they kept Jesus at the center of their world during good or bad times, it made no difference to them.

Kevin prefers to know as much as he can about a subject before he makes decisions. Every question he had they were always ready to explain and help clarify things about God. The mystery of God was beginning to unravel. His friends invited him to attend North Valley Community Church. Pastor Ryan and Pastor Jonathan and new friends in a neighborhood group really explained what it meant to be a true Christian.

Today, Kevin is thankful for his Christian friendships which have grown over ten years, and for his new friends at NVCC. “When I put my life in the hands of Jesus I experienced a sense of security and belonging like never before,” Kevin said seriously. My favorite Bible verse is Jeremiah 24:7: ‘I will give to them a heart to know that I am the Lord, and they shall be my people, and I will be their God, for they will return to me with their whole heart.’

Kevin is going to be one of the people proclaiming his faith and trust in Jesus Christ through baptism on September 10th. I for one am not going to miss my new friend being baptized!


~ ~ ~ ~

On Sunday, September 10th as a part of our church’s Grand Opening season, we are going to provide the opportunity for anyone to be baptized. The North Valley Church family wants to celebrate together with you, so come and join us!

If you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ, then the next step is to be baptized. Sign up here to be part of this opportunity!