Summer Camps 2022


We will be going to Prescott, Arizona this summer in partnership with UCYC (United Christian Youth Camp). Join us for an unforgettable week for kids and students to encounter the God who knows them, who loves them & who wants to have a relationship with them! We have separate camps for any kids entering the 4th grade - graduating high school seniors; more information and dates are listed below. Invite a friend to join you!! 


Camp is a significant part of NV Kids and NV Students Ministries. Your kids will not want to miss out. A week full of biblical teaching, worship, and time building deeper relationships with their friends and leaders. We are praying for your kids and students as camp can truly be a life-changing, mountain-top experience for all who attend!   

NV KIDS & NV JR HIGH PARENT MEETING Sunday, May 29th, from 12:45pm-1:45pm in the Chapel. 


NV KIDS CAMP - JUNE 6th - 10th

Entering 4th - 6th Grade 

UCYC At The Pines | Prescott, AZ

Cost: $480  (Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit)

$100 deposit - due at registration (non-refundable)
$480 total cost– due in full by May 22*

The theme for Kids Summer Camp is Rebellious. 

The Bible is packed with stories of people who faithfully served God, honored His law, and made a massive impact in the world around them as a result. All of this was done surrounded by a world that had become hostile to God. Since the Fall, mankind has collectively been sprinting away from God and His design for us, making the rare heroes who love and serve God completely countercultural. Yet in their boldness, these faithful followers act like a bright light in a completely dark room- they can’t go unnoticed and they completely change the dynamic of the world around them through their holy rebellion.


JR HIGH CAMP - JUNE 6th - 10th


Entering 7th - 9th Grade 

UCYC At The Summit | Prescott, AZ

Cost: $520  (Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit)

$100 deposit - due at registration (non-refundable)
$520 total cost– due in full by May 22*

The theme for Jr. High  Summer Camp is LEGACY.

As Christians in the 21st Century, we often forget or take for granted the rich history of 2,000 years of this Jesus-movement we are a part of. Everything we know, teach, and believe about God can be traced back to a rag-tag bunch of fisherman who spent three years with God in the flesh and kicked off a world-altering movement (by the power of the Holy Spirit, of course). We want to help our students not only fully understand the Gospel, but to see the deep connection to a story that God has been unfolding since Genesis 1. We are part of the movement of God, and there is so much stability and comfort that can be found in recognizing that we are standing on the shoulders of spiritual giants who were directly used by God Himself. 

To do that, we are going to hang out in the book of 1 Peter primarily. Peter was the key leader of the first Church that sprang up in Jerusalem, so he’s a great figurehead for the movement of God in the New Covenant era through ordinary men and women. In addition to that, the first letter he wrote to suffering churches in Asia Minor contains incredible insights and encouragements about exactly what Jesus has done for us and how we are to live as members of the Church. As we go through this week together, we’ll be consistently pointing to our membership in the family of God around the world and throughout time, not just our local youth group within our local church. 



High school camp 2022

Entering 10th Grade - Graduating Seniors

UCYC At The Springs | Prescott, AZ

Cost: $520  (Reserve your spot with a $100 deposit)

$100 deposit - due at registration (non-refundable)
$520 total cost– due in full by July 3rd*

The theme for High School Summer Camp is Protege.

James, the brother of Jesus, never knew a time without Jesus in his life. That was his older brother, the boy he grew up playing with, and I’m sure he had heard his parents’ stories of just how Jesus came into the world and what a special miracle He was way more than he wanted to. And, so it’s no surprise that when Jesus turned 30 and started traveling the countryside preaching that He was the promised Messiah, James thought He had utterly lost his mind (John 7:3-5). What would it take for James to become convinced that his big brother, Jesus, was actually divine? It took him personally encountering the resurrected Jesus, and James was transformed forever in that moment.

A majority of these students have also grown up with Jesus in their home (albeit in a different way). They’ve been going to church as long as they can remember, praying before meals, and getting biblical correction from their parents when they mess up. Many would call themselves Christians and say they “know Jesus,” but have they deeply connected with Him? Do they know about Jesus and have a vague idea of who He is and what He’s done for them, or is He as real and alive to them as their best friend? We want to help these students connect with Jesus like never before - to lead them into encounters with Him so powerful that they transform them in the same way that James’s whole life was changed by connecting with his risen Brother. 



Check out this highlight video from camp last year!


After initial registration is completed with NVCC and the deposit is paid, you will be sent a link to the UCYC registration forms for final registration. All forms must be completed in full for the camper to attend.

All deposits will be counted toward the total cost! You can make additional payments online soon. You can make as many or as few payments as best suits your budgeting needs. Please be sure to notate your camper’s name to ensure the payments are allocated properly. *Total cost is refundable only upon replacement of camper from the waitlist or if the camp cancels. 

We will talk more about other details like transportation to camp, what to pack, what NOT to pack, camp themes, and more as the camp gets closer. NVCC Campers will be led and cared for by our adult church staff and adult leaders who serve in NV Kids or NV Students. All adults are background checked and approved by the North Valley Church Staff to attend camp with our children as well as cleared through the UCYC code of conduct expectations.

Feel free to send us an email if you would like information about scholarships or fundraisers or have any questions!