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We are a group of men who seek to grow in our relationship with Christ and create lasting friendships with other men. We host cookouts, competitions, and faith-based teachings throughout the year. We hope you will gather with us! 

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NV Men's Chili Cook Out

Monday, October 16th | 6pm to 8pm

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Join us for an amazing chili cook-off! We welcome you to cook up your very own chili and bring it to share!

We will also be hosting a Tell All Panel! Need perspective in life? Ask the men on our Tell-All Panel! We will be featuring a Christian-based businessman, lawyer, counselor, and pastor!

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33 The Series Authentic Manhood

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Volume 1 - A MAN AND HIS DESIGN (Completed Sept 2020 - Oct 2020)

Volume 2 - A MAN AND HIS STORY (Completed - Feb 2021 - March 2021) 

Volume 3 - A MAN AND HIS TRAPS (Completed - Aug 2021 - Sept 2021) 

Volume 4 - A MAN AND HIS WORK (Completed Feb 2022 - April 2022)

Volume 5 - A MAN AND HIS MARRIAGE (Completed Aug 2022 - Sept 2022) 

Volume 6 - A MAN AND HIS FATHERHOOD (Completed Feb 2023 - April 2023)

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