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Men's Cookout 

Save the date for Monday, Dec 5th, for our Men's Cookout in the courtyard. 


33 The Series Authentic Manhood

We just wrapped up Volume 5. Join us in 2023 for the final Volume of this Men's 33 Series. 

33 - NV Men - Side Screens (3)

You're invited to join North Valley Men in a journey exploring biblical masculinity. Men will get the chance to meet and get to know other men and receive some excellent practical teaching. 

This is a great opportunity to help fathers and husbands lead their families. It will also help single men to mature in their manhood, and young boys will learn what it means to be a man! Don't miss the journey.  

Volume 1 - A MAN AND HIS DESIGN (Completed Sept 2020 - Oct 2020)

Volume 2 - A MAN AND HIS STORY (Completed - Feb 2021 - March 2021) 

Volume 3 - A MAN AND HIS TRAPS (Completed - Aug 2021 - Sept 2021) 

Volume 4 - A MAN AND HIS WORK (Completed Feb 2022 - April 2022)

Volume 5 - A MAN AND HIS MARRIAGE (Completed Aug 2022 - Sept 2022) 

Volume 6 - A MAN AND HIS FATHERHOOD (Coming Soon Feb 2023 - April 2023)


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