Be A Regular

The Lord made it a habit to go to the same places to see the same people on a regular basis. Jesus was a regular. When Jesus would go to the local nearby synagogue, it was like the YMCA of the day with Bible reading! It was a cultural gathering spot for the Jewish life. Jesus would frequently go to the same places, and his ministry area was relatively defined to a very small area around Galilee. Wherever he went, he knew peoples names, their families and what they liked or didn’t like. He was the expert in outreach.

If you want to be good at outreach, you will need to be a regular at certain places.
Over the years, I have really enjoyed going to the same restaurants, barber shops and grocery stores near my house. When I do, it makes the world feel smaller!

When I go to one of my favorite local restaurants, I try to sit in the section I’ve met a waiter or waitress in the past.

It makes a lunch or dinner so much more than just a meal, it becomes a ministry! It seems like food and outreach go together!

You wouldn’t believe the stories that I’ve heard over the years. Currently, I have three to four people that I track with on a weekly basis. I know their names, their family and how to pray for them, as I recall their needs. I try to tip good and I try to give them steady business as I can. They seem to like it and so do I!

I think it’s about being intentional. God made us to be known and to know other people. It’s like the old TV show “Cheers!” “You want to go where everybody knows your name!” There something special about that, isn’t there?

I want to challenge you to be a regular, to help you learn how to get better at outreach.

Here are three steps to be a regular.

Step #1: Pick your favorite restaurant nearby.

Step #2: Go and learn a waiters or waitresses name that you haven’t known before.

Step #3: As you get to know them, pray for them!

Once you’ve completed this outreach challenge let me know how it goes! Have fun being a regular!