How the Thursday Night Experience is Having Impact on Community

Lorraine & steve

Jesus is so evidently working in and through our church. This month, we are so excited to share encouragement about how serving and the Thursday Night experience has impacted our community. We are pleased for you to meet Steve & Lorraine Smith. 

They say, "We had been praying for God to bring us to a thriving church ready and willing to reach the community for Christ, and He led us to North Valley just over a year ago! Gather, Grow, and Go spoke to us, and we immediately felt connected. Pastor Ryan and the Holy Spirit convicted us to get more serious about our giving and tithing, and we have faithfully trust God to provide."

Lorraine further asserts, " Being part of the Guest Services team has reminded me of the importance of showing God’s love to others, especially those who are new. I have enjoyed welcoming people to the church and helping to make it warm and inviting. My husband, Steve, helps with security and takes the responsibility of keeping those children safe while on campus.  In both cases, we are grateful God can use us at North Valley. North Valley isn’t your typical church or campus.

Right away, we liked how authentic Pastor Ryan is and how direct, open, and available he is to the church. The campus is unique because it offers such beauty and areas to eat, play, and connect. When Thursday night services started, we were on board to help from the get-go. Why? Selfishly, we loved the ability to go adventuring over the weekend and remain involved in our church. We also believe in reaching those who work or cannot attend Sunday. What a blessing all around! 

I have always believed we are supposed to use our God-given talents to build God’s Kingdom. North Valley has something for everyone and couldn’t do it without the help of volunteers. What an honor to be apart of a growing church reaching the North Valley. As a volunteer, you know you are making a difference in this dark world."

The Lord is at work at North Valley, and we are so thankful that He continues to show his faithfulness.