5 Conversation Starters to Share Faith with Teen Students

As a former youth pastor,

and currently as the lead pastor of a new church that meets in a high school, I increasingly realize the importance of engaging in ministry to students. We are excited to support and send out church members to team up with Young Life to reach out to students by sharing and showing the Love of Christ to them.


Of course, in order to engage in ministry with teen students, you have to know how to talk to them! Below is a tool that I have used in the past to help train youth volunteers in how to have spiritual conversations with students. This is clearly designed to help create conversation that leads to heart issues and Jesus.

Often in trying to have spiritual conversation with teens, youth workers or adults try to move way too fast. What’s needed is a relationship first – the trust level must be built up.

Sometimes I have had all the conversations with a student in one setting, and at other times it’s taken me a year or more for all of these conversations to occur. For there to be genuine disciples, there must be a relationship based on truth. Most people do the truth-part right but get the relationship-part wrong, which leads people to make decisions but not disciples.

Here is a helpful acronym to use when engaging teens in meaningful conversation. SHARE truth with them!

School. What do you like or not like about this school?
Home. What’s home like? Do you live with you mom, dad, or both? Do you have brothers or sisters?
Activities. What are you involved in on campus or off that you enjoy?
Religion. What’s your family’s religious background?
Experience. What’s your personal experience? Do you know much about Jesus?

If they say yes, you explore and ask more. If they say no, ask if you can share your experience with Jesus. You can share the Gospel by sharing your testimony. Rehearse it. Include parts of your story where you describe your sin, placing your faith in Christ, and finding forgiveness and new life in Christ.

I hope this helps all of you who have teens in your life.


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