How Baptisms are Strengthening Relationships

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Jesus is so evidently working in and through our church. This month, we are so excited to share an encouraging story about how baptisms have impacted a wonderful couple at North Valley. We are pleased for you to meet Amy & Chad Plain.


Chad writes “Being baptized to me means that I have fully accepted the Lord as my Savior and there is something bigger and better for me. Baptism has changed my marriage completely.  It has made me appreciate and respect my wife more than I ever have.  I'm more attentive, patient, & loving.  It's hard to explain because I don't have to think about those things like I did in the past, it just comes naturally.”


He states “For me I'm actually reading versus of the Bible which I would have never done before.  My wife and I recently took a vacation to Hawaii.  It was a 6 hour flight and to pass the time we played Bible Trivia.  I was surprised by how well I did.  This would have never happened prior to me accepting God as my Savior.  I have a long way to go but I'm excited for the Journey.”


Chad encourages others by saying “If you are on the Fence with Baptism, that means you're almost there and thinking about it.  My advice would be take the leap and fully engulf yourself in the word of God.  It will change your life in the best possible way.  For me my marriage has improved and my professional life has improved immensely.  It will do the same for anyone who accepts the Lord as their Savior.”


His wife, Amy, says “Although I was baptized as a young child and have always felt like a child of God,  I felt I wanted to be fully submerged and baptized at my own free will to symbolize my recognition that I am new, and publicly wash away my sins and profess my faith in Christ.  It was such a blessing to be baptized with my husband who is on a newer journey with his Christian life.  I have loved him since I can remember, but God was not at the center of our marriage and we were missing so much that we didn't even know.”


“We both decided we need to put Christ first in our lives and it has made our marriage stronger in every way.”  He has become a happier, more relaxed and understanding person.  I have become more at peace with things in the world that I have no control over.  I think individually I have grown in my faith substantially since being baptized.  I want to do better and continually learn as much as I can about God's word and teachings.  There are many reasons I believe baptism is such an important step in our spiritual journey with God, most notably to me has been that it's a constant reminder that I need to always surrender myself and my  life to Jesus Christ.”


The Lord is at work in our Church and we are so thankful that He continues to show his faithfulness here at North Valley. When you give, you're fueling and funding ministries that touch the lives of people and bring them closer to Christ. 


To Christ Be The Glory In the North Valley, 

Pastor Ryan Rice