Aliviah Wnenta is a 7th grader at North Valley and this is her story!

She came to our church as an energetic young lady that all would say is “ready to blaze her own path!”  Independent and strong!  Aliviah was definitely seeking more in her life but not quite sure how to put her finger on exactly what was missing.  

Aliviah has attended church consistently participating in the NV68 class, in the main church service with the adults, and serving as a volunteer with the younger children.   When our UCYC summer camp registration opened up, Aliviah was not going to be left behind.  She was going to camp and was very excited!   She did not know all that the Lord was doing in her life. He had been prepping and preparing a way for her in her own personal walk with Him.  

During Aliviah’s time at summer camp with her peers, the Lord brought about a new clarity in her life.   God had been teaching her and growing her and it culminated at camp. She said, “…by explaining God in a whole new way! It’s like that movie Aladdin ‘It’s a whole new world!!!!'  What Jesus really did and how He sacrificed for me is amazing!  Now I know who God is and how He is there for me!  I am not alone any more because He is with me.“ 

The truth had become so real to her and so impressed upon her that she had to share!  Aliviah returned to North Valley and wanted to be baptized! So this fall she was one of the many who lined up to profess their faith in Christ publicly before a few hundred people that Jesus is the Lord of her life!

When we asked why it was important to her to be baptized, she said… 

Aliviah Wnenta

"I just can’t keep it in anymore.  I had to share because God is telling me to share from the inside out!  I don’t want to be ashamed of who I am, and I want others to see my faith and be baptized too!” 


At North Valley we want to encourage every family to explore being baptized this Easter.

Aliviah’s story is the story of many kids who come to a crossroad where their parents’ faith is no longer just their parents’, but their own! It becomes real to them!  It’s no longer going to church because Mom and Dad want them to, but because it’s what they want to do! God becomes real, personally involved and the Church becomes a place to be renewed and grow with other friends, a place to belong and a place to serve!  At North Valley we want to encourage every family to explore being baptized this Easter.

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