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Resource Your Marriage 

I don’t know how your marriage is doing right now. I don’t know if it’s thriving or if it’s struggling! I do know God can change it. He can make it better! He can heal it and help you have a life-long fulfilling marriage worth fighting for! 

It all starts with an open heart and mind to learn! I want to encourage you to learn a little more over the next few weeks. Take a step of faith and commit to investing a little more time to read, watch, listen, talk, pray, and join us on campus for one of our services. If you missed some of the teachings in the series go online to catch up! Over the next several weeks we are learning about marriage and parenting in a new teaching series called “Unapologetic Truth about Marriage and Parenting.” We have received some great feedback so far. I encourage you to make the most of this opportunity to grow and strengthen your marriage or learn what it's all about. 

I’ve included some resources to help educate and encourage you as well. Please circle back to check the blog updates throughout the series.  

You can also join me on Facebook Live and send me your questions! (More details below).

I will be praying for you and your marriage over the next several weeks! Where there is a willing heart, there is a wonderful life. With God anything is possible! Don’t ever give up. Fight for what matters most.  

-Pastor Ryan 


Marriage Books 

  • The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman 
  • Staying Close by Dennis and Barbra Rainey
  • Love and Respect By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs
  • Marriage on the Rock by Jimmy Evans
  • Intimate Issues by Linda Dillow
  • Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas 
  • God, Marriage, and Family (Second Edition): Rebuilding the Biblical Foundation by Andreas J. Kostenberger, David Jones  


Online Resources


Favorite Sermons Series on Marriage by Pastor Ryan 

  • Love and Marriage This is an 11-week series. It’s a verse-by-verse teaching from the Song of Songs. 
  • Unapologetic Truth About Marriage This is a Biblical and Theological teaching series on the foundation of marriage and the roles of the husband and wife. 


Want to Learn More about Marriage? Got Questions?

I am relaunching Real Life With Ryan on my personal Facebook. 

I will do live videos Thursdays at noon beginning with Marriage & Parenting starting on August 25th.  If you have questions about our current series, or just marriage and parenting questions, send them over to me at I have a form there where you can ask me questions that I might use in the Facebook live events. Join me beginning Thursday, August 25th at noon.