Trials are Like the Potholes in Arkansas

Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, (James 1:2 ESV)

James tells us to expect trials. He doesn’t tell us to go looking for them, but tells how to think and respond in the midst of them. The phrase “when you meet” literally can translated as “when you fall into trials.” Trials, are something we all can fall into, something we will run into at some point or another. Back in Arkansas our roads and highways are notorious for pot holes. Much of this is due to low budget priorities and the weather. The weather fluctuates between squelching, steamy hot, to freezing, wet cold. The roads freeze, thaw, heat up to temperatures high enough to fry an egg. As a result the asphalt crack, and overtime form into potholes. If you hit a big enough one it will knock your Alignment out of line. As a young driver, I often over reacted and jerked the wheel, and resulted in me winding up in the ditch. Over time I learned to let the shocks do their job, absorb the hit and keep rolling on. If there was ever a really bad pot hole, it wasn’t anything the alignment shop couldn’t fix.

The Christian life is similar. There is lot’s of freedom and fun on the road of life, and we ought to expect some bumps and potholes along the way. Thankfully the Lord is always with us, he promises to help us, to remain with us. He is the ever present teacher, inviting us to mature in our faith. But to Mature we will not be allowed to escape all of life challenging roadways we must learn to take them head on, sometime we will find it easy, and we will be loving every minute of it, others we will feel we only able to endure the challenges stretch of life the Lord has us on.

1) What does Jesus tell us about trials in John 6:33
2) What are some of the trials you face right now.
3) God is with you in the midst of your trial according to John 14:18. How does this help you in your present trial?