Unshakable Kingdom


Therefore let us be grateful for receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken.

Hebrews 12:28, ESV


God’s Word tells us that we have received a kingdom that cannot be shaken!  There are two important words that are worth noting from the passage above. First is the word “Kingdom” second is the word “Shaken.”  Let’s start with the word that we are perhaps most familiar with… “Shaken!” 

Our World In 2020 Has Been Shaken 

Over the last 10 months, our world has been shaken by one thing or another. Perhaps you’ve been shaken from the political atmosphere? Maybe your relationships were strained during the election? Or worse, maybe you lost a friendship or haven’t been getting along with a family member ever since?  

Maybe you’ve been shaken by the pain of the pandemic? Many have been in quarantine, most have had to cancel plans with family or friends at one time or another. Schools have been shut down and worse others have lost loved ones. 

Maybe you’ve been shaken by the economy? Many have struggled with their work. Some have had to learn to work from home and attend meetings via Zoom!  Some have had to cut their hours back and worse some have had to file for unemployment altogether.  

God’s Kingdom Is Unshakable

Did you know that God’s Word tells us that despite these tough times we can be thankful? In fact, God commands it! This is why God’s Word says…"Be grateful."  This doesn’t mean we deny the hardships and heartaches that we are experiencing, rather it means that we become grateful in the midst of them! How do we do that? How is that even possible?  We do this by focusing on God’s promises and future plans. While our country is shakable, God’s kingdom is unshakable!  

Jesus is our unshakable King. He has promised to establish an unshakable kingdom!  We must remind ourselves that Jesus reigns and rules. He is over every church and over every Christian in the world. He is over every heart and every home that trusts in Jesus Christ as LORD! Through Christ, we are united not divided. Through Christ, we have an unshakable kingdom, not a shakable kingdom!

While we await his literal, physical bodily return, we also await his literal, physical coming kingdom too! Till then we must learn to live as an unshakable Christian in the midst of a shakable country.  

North Valley, today you can be grateful!  Be grateful to God. Be grateful for his work in your life. Be grateful for your salvation. Be grateful for God’s promises. Be grateful for his work in our church and be grateful that we are part of his unshakable kingdom together!